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Implications of Quran in Practical Life

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Implications of Quran in Practical Life

Implications of Quran in Practical Life

Do you know how the Quran guides us about everyday practical life? Quran has the complete life code encoded in it. We have to unlock it through our knowledge and implications. A comprehensive understanding is needed to implement the teachings of the Quran. It comprises of the rules and facts about the human life that even science is unaware of.

You must admit your 2-3 year child in an Islamic School, where he'll start learning the Quran with Tajweed and Tarjuma. If you don’t have any Islamic school nearby, you can also look for Online Tajweed classes. The internet provides excellent opportunities to learn Quran online. You may also discover some particular Surah or Duas there.

When you have better information and knowledge about the teachings of Islam, then it becomes easier for you to implement it in your personal life. Quran is, no doubt the best guide and comforter in any challenging situation. It has our back and encourages us at every point of life; you can find a solution to every problem in this Holy book.

Following are some of the ways we can implement the Quran in our daily life.

1. Encourages spouses to be loving and caring

The Quran has asked spouses to be affectionate with each other. This is the key to making a healthy and happy home. In this way, children also get affectionate and loving families. A right home is where Islamic teachings are implemented in their practical life.

2. Encourages Muslims to Pray and Give Zakat

Allah has focused upon the five pillars of Islam in the Quran at various points. Prayer (Salat) and Alms (Zakat) are mentioned together at too many points. Zakat purifies your wealth and property, and Salat is your contact to Allah. Hence, we implement all these five pillars in our daily life.

Every Muslim should pray five times a day and fast during the days in the month of Ramadan. That's how we can gain the blessings of Allah.

3.Teaches us gratitude

Understanding the Quran develops positive qualities in us. It shows us gratitude. Hence we start enjoying everything that comes across. We must appreciate things around us that are good and ignore things that give bad vibes. We have to be aware every moment that it is Allah who is the source of our happiness and he is the one who can take back this happiness, and we should always maintain and strengthen our faith on Allah. There’s no doubt that he will reward those who show gratitude.

4.Builds Unity

We have a concept in Islam that all Muslims are brothers. It has taught us to live with love and prosperity. Due to this teaching, we have a soft corner for all the Muslims of the world. The bond of brotherhood unites us all under one roof, and this will continue until the end of the world because it is the teaching of the Quran.


Understanding of the Quran teaches us to be just in all life affairs. We need to be considerate to find the truth first and then make a final decision. We must try this in our daily life because it will maintain in society, and that is what Allah wants us to do. Islam is a religion of peace, and we should avoid conflicts and seek peace.

6.Halal & Haram

The concept of Halal and Haram is very prominent in Islam. Allah has allowed us to eat and earn Halal and avoid Haram. These terms are used in the Quran to identify lawful and forbidden categories in Islam.

For example, Consumption of alcohol and eating pork is Haram in Islam, while eating the meat of cow, goat and fish is halal if it is slaughtered according to the law of Islam.

Hence, it can be concluded that the Quran is a lifesaver for each Muslim in every situation, and we should gain as much knowledge from it as possible.