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Quran Reading Online

Quran is the Holy book of Allah that was given to the last prophet (SAW) and will be used as a guidebook by the entire Muslim ummah till the Day of Judgment. There is no Muslim who doesn't have a Quran at their home, but not everyone knows how to read it.

Quran should be taught to every Muslim child in his early childhood; however, there is no age fixed for learning it. In today's era, when technology is being used everywhere, the Quran can be read and memorized on the internet. Do you know how?

Myquranlearning has some of the best experienced Qaris and online Quran teachers who have are experts and know how to handle your child during online Quran classes while teaching them Arabic and rules of reading the Quran. We offer a basic course of Quran reading where your child will learn about the Basic rules by reading a Noorani Qaida, and it will further lead your child to recite the holy text with tajweed. When your child knows how to read a Qaida with tajweed, then he will eventually start reading Quran in this method too. Therefore, your child is only a course away from reading the Quran fluently.

Reading the Holy Quran with Tajweed is necessary because it lets you pronounce its words correctly, maintaining and preserving its beauty and accurate meanings. This is why it is mandatory for every Muslim adult, man, woman, and child to read Quran with tajweed.

Myquranlearning guarantees that the children will get the best Quran education by learning the most excellent methods taught by qualified teachers. We have both male and female Quran teachers for the online Quran classes conducted by them. Therefore, you should not worry about any kind of parda issue for your little daughters because they are our daughters.

If you're still unsure about choosing us to teach Quran to your child, you can read the testimonials on our site.

If you have not learned Quran till you're grown up, then you should know that the most fortunate ones are those who strive to acquire the Holy Quran because they are struggling to understand the most insightful source of knowledge in the whole universe through the words of Allah. This is the reason that makes tajweed obligatory for reading Quran. It is essential so that the meanings of the Arabic words are not distorted due to any mispronunciation.

Therefore, Myquranlearning allows all the students to sit back comfortably at their homes and have their classes with full convenience at whatever time. Our platform doesn't require you to be of any particular age because we offer our teachings to students of every age.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our classes now and become a part of Myquranlearning by taking our online Quran classes. Our teachers will make you learn the rules of the Quran patiently, along with other basic rules in Islam. We can also customize lessons for any student as per their requirements.

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