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Quran with Tafseer

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Quran with Tafseer

Quran Tafseer is one of the most important and interesting parts to learn while educating yourself about Islam and the Quran's teaching. Tafseer elaborates on the message that is hidden in the little Quranic verses with long stories. We bet that if you do not know anything about Tafseer yet, you’ll be drawn to this subject unintentionally. While learning the Tafseer of the Quran, you learn about the history of Islam, the life of past prophets, mistakes of Muslims in the past that we should avoid, truths about life, truths about the Day of Judgement guidance from Allah.

It is better suggested not to go for Tafseer by yourself because every verse has a hidden and different meaning; therefore, you cannot interpret it correctly by yourself. It would help if you had a trained and educated Islamic scholar at your side who will help you at every point.

Quran Tutor Live offers a course for Tafseer learning online for students all around the world who want to learn it but do not have any relevant tutor near their place. We are offering this online service to benefit from it while being at their homes at their preferred timings. Once you finish this course, you'll understand the Quran's meaning in a much deeper way. Although this course is not to make you a scholar, therefore you shouldn't expect such things at the end of it. It will help you in gaining a general understanding of the Ahkaam (Commands of Allah).

Allah has asked us not only to read the Quran but understand its meaning too. We cannot understand its message by reading the translation because you need to learn the back story for complete understanding. Tafsir is like the science of the Quran; you need proper research to understand it. Those who are not educated with the Tafseer of the Quran do not have the correct understanding of its passages too.

People who learn Tafseer must go through basic Arabic Grammar, Ilmul Balagah, and Usul-al-Tafsir. Our objectives for the online Tafseer course are the following:

* Basic Arabic Grammar

* Translation of Quranic Verses

* Shan-e-Nazool

* Rabt b/t Surah

* Tajweed and Ethics

* Application and Understanding of Ahkam

* Qirat and relation

* Ilmul Balagah

* Usul-ul-Tafsir

* Hadith

We plan to cover the list mentioned above in our online classes. If you think that how our teachers will manage so much in classes over the internet, you must know that Online Classes are the most reliable and easier option in the current days. Tafsir helps in understanding the Quran's outer meanings, whereas Tawil helps to understand the inner and concealed meanings of the Quran. For a better understanding of Tafsir, one must know important facts about any Mufassir too.

We have this course for both adults and kids level as we'll be teaching it at two different levels. Our kids must know the basic details mentioned in the Quran, and it must be our job to convey this message to them.

Our main purpose in learning Tafsir is to learn about Islam's basics and utilize them in our daily life. We want all our students to find out the Quran's hidden meanings and its verses and unfold the secrets of life hereafter. We hope that this course becomes beneficial for you, and Allah blesses us too for spreading his message through the platform of Quran Tutor Live. For learning Quran Tafseer, you'll first have to learn the Arabic Language. Therefore, this course will turn out to be a lot beneficial for you as you'll step out learning so many different things. Enroll yourself today at Quran Tutor Live and experience our services through the first free trial.

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