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Quran with Tafseer


Quran with Tafseer

Tafseer means translation of Quran in simple language and understanding the Quran. When you are reciting Quran you are surely being blessed by virtues from Allah but there is one more obligation to follow that is to understand Quran. In this course you will understand Quran with related to hadith grammar and explanation. Quran is a book which is for whole mankind and it have answer to all the questions. If you are worried and want to find calmness and peace in your life recite Quran and solve your problems in context of Quran as it is a complete guidance. Understanding the explanation and translation of the Quran is the most important science. ALLAH says in the Quran:

And We have sent down to you the Book as clarification for all things and as guidance and mercy and good tidings for the Muslims [16:89]

We are offering services where you will learn Quran and read Quran with the tafseer. We will help you understand the Quran and its meaning. Children can also register for this course where they will learn about the basic manners and duties of them as a Muslim in context to Quran ayaats and we hope that thy will follow those commands of Allah and apply them in their life in order to be a better Muslim and a human being. We are having the experienced trainers which will tell you about every event and reason behind the ayaats and surahs of Quran. Tafseer e Quran is very important to understand because without knowing the context of the Quran you can never understand the Islamic shariah. These things are important for us to understand and take maximum advantage from this.

This course is specially designed for those who want to explore Islam and want to learn more and explore the deep meanings behind the ayaats hidden. In order to do so they can take help from us and learn Quran with tafseer.

We offer tafseer in every language so every user from different part of world can login on our website and learn more about Quran by availing our service of tafseer. Quran is the whole source of guidance for Muslims as well as for al humanity so in order to achieve the higher level of

Our services are for those people who want to learn Quran with the meaning and want to understand Quran. They want to understand the message and want to implement Quran in their lives. Our online service is available 24/7.

We are almost having all the variations of Tafseer and you can learn and read tafseer according to your choice.

Furthermore, our services include

1. Tafseer of Quran with complete ayaats
2. Tafseer of Quran according to Surahs

The aim of our website is to help people in seeking guidance according to Islam and whatever they want to understand related to Quran we provide them with service and best scholar so they can understand well and spend their lives according to teachings of Islam

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Sounds of all Arabic Letters
Step 01

At first, your online Tajweed teacher will teach you sounds of Arabic Alphabets

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Joining Alphabets
Step 02

Your Quran teacher will teach you how to join letters with help of Damma, Kasra, Fatha.

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Basic Tajweed Rules
Step 03

Your Tajweed teacher will teach you basic Tajweed rules which are very important to read Quran.

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Quran Reading with Tajweed
Step 04

You have to apply all rules while reading Quran in fornt of your Tajweed Teacher.