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Quran Memorization


Quran Memorization

Memorization of the Quran is one of the most important and pious tasks. People who memorize the Quran are known as Hafiz-e-Quran. People who memorize the Quran have it saved in their hearts. It becomes a duty to keep it safe in their heart and mind till their last breath. A Hafiz needs to keep memorizing the Quran so that he doesn’t forget a single verse. Quran Memorization has some positive effects on our lives and health too. We’ll be discussing its importance below.

Importance of Quran Memorization

Following are some of the major points that highlight the importance of memorizing Quran:

01. The doors of goodness will be opened for you hereafter.

02. Having Quran in your heart will always fill you up with all kinds of positive energy and spirituality.

03. You would never forget Allah while getting busy in the worldly pleasures.

04. You’ll remember all the religious stories and they will help you in taking your life decisions.

05. The Quran will become your negotiator on the Day of Judgement and your companion in grave.

Although memorizing the Holy Quran is a spiritual and physical project, but we are offering an online course for students all around the world to enroll themselves at Quran Tutor life and memorize Quran online.

Quran is a blessing from Allah to the entire Muslim Ummah as it has become a guiding light for us in these dark times and will keep helping us to follow the correct path in our life. To take ultimate advantage of this God blessing, you must strive to achieve its knowledge. Our teachers are highly skilled and they know how to conduct online sessions and help them memorize Quran in a fun way. We will educate you in such a way that memorizing will become easier for you.

Quran Tutor Live has a huge experience of preparing students to become Hafiz-e-Quran by learning the Quran by heart. We teach our students to memorize Quran verse by verse to finally learn the whole Surah or Para. Later, we listen and mark them according to their effort. In case of errors, students are ask to revise again and come back for their lesson.

It is better if a child in the age of 5-12 is enrolled in a Quran Memorization Course because this is a golden age for a child. They catch things and learn them quickly without even realizing the effort. Their mind is in developing stage, hence it will store data that you’ll feed into it. Therefore, it is generally suggested to register your child in institutions at early age only. When a child grows up and gains knowledge, he starts finding things difficult and this may cause issues in learning and memorizing Quran.

Following is a procedure that is followed at Quran Tutor Live to educate your child and help him memorize Quran online.

As soon as the online session begins, students are taught a new lesson for 30 minutes. After completing their memorization in class work the students are asked to revise their past lessons. Teachers come to them individually to test them. Students are strictly adviced to give atleastt 1 to 1.5 hours at home for Quran revision so that their time is not wasted during online class. Usually it takes 3 years minimum for a child complete their Quran Memorization and become Hafiz e Quran but some may not be able to complete in this period. It entirely depends on their pace and learning skills. Hence, the students should never be pressurized to finish their memorization quickly because it might affect their minds too.

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