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Quran Memorization


Quran Memorization

Hifz is memorization of Quran and learning Quran with tajweed and Qir’rat are the required for Hifz. Learning Quran by heart is a blessing from Allah that you are able to memorize Quran. To learn Quran is a wish for very Muslim but this ability is given to some people who are God gifted. Being Hafiz-ul-Quran is a truly a blessing from Allah. If you want to learn Quran you can learn Quran from our website. We are offering services that will help you learn Quran in quick and easy way.

Our website is for those people who want to learn Quran and memorize verse by verse. We also design strategy for the children depending upon their learning ability. We provide the best instructors and teachers which help the students to memorize Quran and give them the time properly. They al are also hafiz-ul-Quran and know the basic how to make people memorize Quran quickly and effectively.

There is also a revision class and also the test class in which kids revise the Quran learn and in test class. They give the test. If students pass the test then new lesson is given to a student to learn otherwise that ayaats and surah are given to memorize again.

We are having trained instructors which also focus on tajweed and make kids learn Quran with basic recitation and Qir’rat. Hifz is the foremost duty of a Muslim to learn Quran and we help the people to achieve this easily.

Our service is for those students who want to learn Quran along with their academic courses and don’t have time to go to madrassa. They can just login our website and learn Quran easily. Our services are available 24/7 so you can learn Quran any time.

We teach this course in three stages. First of all, the students learn important verses and smaller Surahs. The teachers then decide if they are able to move onto the next stages. In the other two stages the students then long Surah. Along with these steps the revisions are done on daily basis and test are also taken.

The aim of our website is to help people in seeking guidance according to Islam and whatever they want to understand related to Quran we provide them with service and best scholar so they can understand well and spend their lives according to teachings of Islam.

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Sounds of all Arabic Letters
Step 01

At first, your online Tajweed teacher will teach you sounds of Arabic Alphabets

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Joining Alphabets
Step 02

Your Quran teacher will teach you how to join letters with help of Damma, Kasra, Fatha.

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Basic Tajweed Rules
Step 03

Your Tajweed teacher will teach you basic Tajweed rules which are very important to read Quran.

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Quran Reading with Tajweed
Step 04

You have to apply all rules while reading Quran in fornt of your Tajweed Teacher.