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Learn Noorani Qaida Online

Do you how does a child starts to learn the Quran? What is the base that sets him forward with the Holy Quran? If you are still not aware, it’s Noorani Qaida that sets a foundation for every Muslim kid, and this is how he further learns every little detail about learning the Quran. It consists of all the rules that the child needs to understand for the Holy Quran's accurate pronunciation.

Myquranlearning provides a vast platform for children worldwide to take online classes from professional teachers who will teach them the correct rules for reciting Quran. It would not only be useful for kids, but their parents can also accompany their children to see how the Qari or teacher is making him learn all the minute details, which will further benefit him while reading Quran. Therefore, it is essential to select an experienced and well-educated Qari who knows all the rules and methods to handle kids online.

It doesn't matter if the person who wants to learn is a kid or an adult man or woman. Quran is open to every person of any age or religion. Therefore learning a Noorani Qaida is the initial essential step that leads to the Quran. When a person acquires it well, he then finds Quranic learning easier. It is the founding step for all the Muslims around the world. It consists of various words and verses from the Quran that the individual learns at his initial stage.

It has been reported by Sayyidina Abu Hurairrah (RA) that Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said:

"If anyone treks a path seeking knowledge, thereby, Allah will make easy his passage to Paradise." (Jamia Tirmizi Vol2, Hadees# 541, Page 541)

Many scholars use Noorani Qaida to read Holy Quran fluently, and they also use it to teach Quranic principles to their students. It is one of the ancient methods that is being followed till date in mosques of Arabic and non-Arabic countries. Noorani Qaida was assembled in India by Molvi Noor Muhammad Ludhyanvi, who was a famous scholar there. His contributions towards Tajweed have made learning of Quran very much more comfortable for our Children today.

Myquranlearning has been working endlessly to make online Quran classes easier and accessible by all kinds of students from any part of the world. Every individual has their own pace of reading the Quran, and it is developed while learning Qaida in his beginning days.

The teaching of Noorani Qaida begins with making the children learn the letters and form alphabets, followed by making words and then reading verses at the end. It then leads the student to become a fluent Qaida reader.

At Myquranlearning, our teachers help the students to:

01. Recognize the Arabic symbols and alphabets.

02. Short Vowels and consonants (It includes sounds of Fatha, Dammah, and Kasrah)

03. Long vowels (It includes Haroof e Maddah)

04. Ra and Lam Rules

05. Rules of Waqf

06. Tashdid Rules

So let your children be a part of our Online Quran classes, and we'll make sure to develop them into an incredible expert.

learn noorani qaida online