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Hazrat Sulayman : Life story and Lessons

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Hazrat Sulayman : Life story and Lessons

Hazrat Sulayman : Life story and Lessons

Hazrat Sulayman : Life story and Lessons

Hazrat Sulayman (AS) was the son of Hazrat Daoud (AS) and was the Prophet and messenger of Allah Almighty. He was from Bani Israel. He rebuilt the Great Majid Al Aqsa and made a special Dua. His father Hazrat Daoud was famous for defeating Jalut (Goliath), who was an undefeated giant man. The king of Israelite Talut promised to marry his daughter with the person who defeat Jalut and he will make him king. Allah said in Quran,

So they defeated them by permission of Allah, and David killed Goliath, and Allah gave him kingship and prophethood and taught him from that which He willed. And if it were not for Allah checking [some] people by means of others, the earth would have been corrupted, but Allah is full of bounty to the worlds’. [The Noble Qur’an, 2:251]

Gifts of Hazrat Sulayman (AS)

Allah Almighty granted many gifts to Hazrat Sulayman (AS). He gave him the ability to talk with Jinn, Animals and Birds. He can also control wind. There are numerous stories narrated in Quran upon the abilities of Hazrat Sulayman. Allah also called Hazrat Sulayman as ‘Awwab’. This means one who repeatedly turns back. This refers to those people who consistently repent to Allah and it is one the qualities that Allah loves much and they are rewarded much. It is narrated in Holy Quran,

’And to Dawud We gave Sulaiman. How excellent a servant! Indeed, he was ever turning back [to Allah, in repentance]. [Mention] when, in the afternoon, poised horses were displayed before him. And he (Sulaiman) said, “Indeed, I gave preference to the love of good things (i.e. looking at horses) instead of the remembrance of my Lord, until (the sun) disappeared into the veil (of night). Bring them (the horses) back to me”. Then he began to pass his hand over their legs and their necks. […] He (Sulaiman) said, “My Lord, forgive me and grant me a kingdom such as will not belong to anyone after me. Indeed, you are the Bestower“’. [The Noble Qur’an, 38: 31-35]

It is narrated from Tafsir ibn Kathir, once Hazrat Sulayman was watching well trained and beautiful horses. He caught up in admiring them and forget to pray Asar. He felt guilty of admiring good things of this temporary world and forget to remember Allah. He then ordered the horses to be brought back to him and before giving them for the sake of Allah, he started patting on the heads and legs of the horses. He asked Allah for forgiveness and his favour.

How Hazrat Sulayman rebuild Masjid Al Aqsa?

Hazrat Sulayman and Hazrat Daoud lived in the sacred city of Jerusalem where Masjid Al Aqsa was present. It is considered to be the second oldest mosque on earth. According to the reference of Hadith,

On the authority of Abu Dharr (ra) who said, “O Messenger of Allah, which masjid was built first?” The Prophet replied, “The Sacred Masjid (al-Masjid al-Haram in Makkah)“. Hesaid, “And then which one?” Prophet said, “And then the Furthest Masjid (al-Masjid al-Aqsa in al-Quds)“. He said, “What was the period between them?” Prophet said, “Forty (years)“. He then said, “Wherever the time for the prayer comes upon you, then pray, for the earth is a place of prostration (masjid) for you”’. [Bukhari]

Masjid Al Aqsa had fallen into ruin in the time of Hazrat Daoud and Hazrat Sulayman. As Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was given a task to rebuild Kabah. Similarly, the duty of rebuilding Masjid Al Aqsa was given to Hazrat Daoud (AS). Sadly he was died before finishing this task but then it was inherited to his son Hazrat Sulayman (AS). As discussed earlier, he was the king of all, Jinn, Animals and Birds. So he had a great amount of support. He knew that his time of leaving this world is close, so he made a Dua. He asked for three things in his dua from Allah Almighty and all of them were accepted. His dua was,

To this day, all Abrahamic faiths know Sulaiman (Solomon) to be a wise judge of the people he ruled over. He truly did have judgement in line with the Divine Judgement.

To this day, no one has ever had a worldly kingdom comparable to his, for he even commanded the wind and the animals!

And to this day, anyone who visits Al-Aqsa is, in sha Allah, granted complete forgiveness, to the point where they are as pure as the day they were born - a status mostly associated with people who perform Hajj to the Ka’bah.

Although, during this noble task, he passed away but miraculously he kept standing there with the help of his stick. The workers continued their task as they thought that their king was watching them. After Masjid Al Aqsa was rebuilt, he fell to the ground as his stick was eaten by a group of aunts.

Important lessons from the life of Hazrat Sulayman (AS)

We got a lesson from this story is that even Hazrat Sulayman was a king and was blessed by Allah repeatedly but he constantly asked Allah for forgiveness and his favour. Seeking mercy and forgiveness from Allah Almighty is the one of the most loved acts of worship. We must seek forgiveness of all our wrong doings from Allah and ask for his favour and mercy.

Another important lesson we gather from the life of Hazrat Sulayman is the power and beauty of Dua. This one of the easiest thing we can do to demonstrate our hope in Allah. Consistently making Dua signifies that we believe Allah is the one who can remove our problems. This also shows our dependence on Allah for every little thing.