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Tips to Motivate Yourself to Learn Quran>

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Tips to Motivate Yourself to Learn Quran

Motivation for Learning Quran

As we continue to live life, we are getting a feeling that the world has become busier, and the time is running, causing the days to be shorter. As the lives have become too greedy, people are running after worldly things, forgetting about Allah, Prophet, and their teachings. The routines have become so severe that people cannot even think about including an additional activity on a weekday. They wait for weekends and do things to please themselves. For the weekend, they have to work endlessly to earn as much money as they can by different means.

The Muslim Ummah has been blessed with a gift of five prayers in a day; hence we have failed to perform even five times a day, but it is a must to seek knowledge about our religion to learn more about it. The perfect understanding and guidance about Islam can be found in the Quran. To achieve this knowledge, one needs to learn the Quran by a professional. There are a lot of options available for everyone today, such as people can learn Quran online at any hour of the day, it can be the time during you're your way from home to work, or you can also download Quran apps and keep hearing it daily to learn it by yourself.

There are still many people who find it strenuous to learn Quran. Following are some of the ways that will motivate you to learn Quran regularly:

1.It is the book of Allah

All Muslims have this belief that the Quran is the final book of Allah, and there won't be any more such a guide until the Day of Judgment. We all have to spend our lives according to the rules and laws mentioned in it. When our belief is stronger, then we'll develop a will to open this divine book and read and learn about it.

When you develop this habit of reading the Quran regularly without missing out, you'll start remembering the verses, and you'd also find it easier to relate it with your regular life. You'll begin to finding solace in it and become a consistent reader.

2.To solve your problems

You need to develop a strong belief that the Quran is a solution to all your questions. With this belief, you'll need no humankind to hear out your daily issues because you'll know where your answer is. You will eventually head towards the Quran to learn about the reason for your problem and what ways you should follow to tackle it.

3.Make it a goal

Just like other achievements, you can make the learning of the Quran, one of your goals too. It will give you a reason to take out time from your day and head towards it. For further learning, you can opt for Quran classes, and it would be even better if you'd learn Quran with tajweed because it is how it should be read in the first place.

You can also learn Quran with native Arabic teachers to grasp their accent or the ways they use to decipher its meaning. You can also go for learning Quran from Egyptian teachers as they also follow the classical Arabic of ancient days.

When you’ll have a goal, you’ll eventually get driven towards it. You will run after accomplishing it just like you go after earning money. With a proper set routine, it becomes convenient for you to learn it quickly.

4. You can make arrangements

If you have a strong will to learn the Quran and make it a part of your daily life, you have to make arrangements for adding it to your busy routine. You can make a little space as a Quran learning area in your house. It would attract other house members too, and you'll get to learn it along with others also.