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Hazrat Mosa (AS) : Life story and Lesson

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Hazrat Mosa (AS) : Life story and Lesson

Hazrat Mosa (AS) : Life story and Lesson

Hazrat Mosa (AS) : Life story and Lesson

Hazrat Mosa (also known as Moses) is the Prophet and Messenger of Allah Almighty and He is the most frequently mentioned Prophet in Quran. Allah mentioned his name almost 136 times in Quran. According to the history of Islam, Mosa was sent to face off the Pharoah of ancient Egypt and also to guide Israelites.

Hazrat Mosa's life story

In Quran, Allah has described the life stories of many Prophets. Through these life stories narrated in Quran, Allah convey life lessons for all of us. The story of Hazrat Mosa is recounted more than any of other Prophet. Allah said in Quran,

“We recite to you from the news of Moses and Pharaoh in truth for a people who believe.” [Qur’an 28:3]

Birth of Mosa (AS)

Hazrat Mosa was born in Egypt at the time of Pharoah. In history, it is considered to be the most politically charged time. Pharoah of Egypt was the most powerful and dominant force there. He consider himself as God and because of his incredible power, nobody was able to deny it. He divided people into groups and tribes and set up class distinctions among them. He put the Children of Israel at the lowest level. They were mostly slaves and servents of them. Hazrat Mosa was born among Israelites.

Murdering of Children of Israel

Pharoah was told that a boy from the tribe Bani Israel would soon be born and would destroy you and your kingdom. After hearing this, the brutal king ordered to kill every male child born to Bani Israel. The soldiers of Pharoah searched each and every house of Israelites to carry out the Pharoah's order.

Throwing of Hazrat Mosa (AS) into Nile

When Hazrat Musa was born, her mother had prepared a plan. When she heard about the approach of Pharoah's soldiers. She placed Mosa (AS) in a basket and placed him in river Nile behind her house so that they wouldn't be able to kill him. This is mentioned in Holy Quran as,

“So We sent this inspiration to the mother of Moses:
“Suckle (thy child) but when thou hast fears about him cast him, into the river, but fear not nor grieve: for We shall restore him to thee, and We shall make him one of Our messengers.” (Quran, 28:7)

Hazrat Musa in Palace of Pharoah

The basket in which Hazrat Musa was present was found by the soldiers of Pharoah. They brought this child to him. He wanted to kill him immediately as he suspected it to be a child of Israelites but he was stopped by his wife Aasiya, who was a pious lady. She said as they have no children of their own so they should adopt him. Pharoah agreed to his wife and called out women to feed him. The baby rejected the milk of every women except his own mother. In this way Allah also reunited the mother and the child in the Palace of Pharoah. Allah said in Quran,

Then the household of Pharaoh picked him up, that he might become for them an enemy and a (cause of) grief Verily! Pharaoh, Haman and their hosts were sinners. And the wife of Pharaoh said: "A comfort of the eye for me and for you. Kill him not, perhaps he may be of benefit to us, or we may adopt him as a son." And they perceived not (the result of that). [Surah 28: 9]

Voice of Allah

Hazrat Mosa was grown up in the house of Pharaoh but when he reached Adulthood, he got involved in some fight between an Israelite and an Egyptian. This results in killing the Egyptian. He seek forgiveness form Allah and left Egypt. He went to a place named Madyan where he married the daughter of Prophet Shuaib (AS). He stayed there for some time and then move back to Egypt. While he was heading towards Egypt, he lost his way. It was severe winter. He saw some fire nearby and advanced towards it. It was coming from a green tree. When he got closer suddenly, he heard a voice,

“O Musa, I am your Lord!”

Signs of Prophethood

Allah asked him to throw his stick to the ground, it changed into a serpent. Allah then asked him to lift it without any fear. When he did so it changed back into stick. Allah than told him to put his hand under his armpit. When he drew it back, there was a bright light coming from his hand. Than Allah said,

“O Musa! These are the two great Signs of your Lord. Go back to Fir’aun and his people and invite them towards your Lord!”

After getting this dinive message, he went back to Egypt and told Pharoah that he is the Prophet of Allah and he had Proofs. He then showed his Miracles to Pharoah, they frightened him. He also told him that Allah would punish you and your people if you continued your way and don't accept my faith. Pharaoh ignored this warning.

Damnation of Allah

Allah punished Pharoah and his people in this way that the country was hit by famine. Swarms of locusts destroyed their crops. River Nile flooded and caused destruction. Many people were affected by lice and tumors. When all this happened people rushed to Mosa and said that they accept his faith and pray to Allah to stop this. But when they were cured. They returned to worship idols.

Death of Pharoah

Hazrat Mosa and the people of Israel were gathered and left for Palestine. When Pharaoh heard about his escape, he followed them with a huge amount of soldiers. When Hazrat Mosa and his people reached the Red sea, they saw Pharaoh and his Army approaching them. Hazrat Musa summoned to Allah this Dua:

Inna ma’iya Rabee sa yahdeen”

“Truly my Lord is with me, He will guide me through.” (Quran 26:62)

Allah split up the Red sea and made a path between the water so that Mosa and his people could cross it easily and when Pharoah and his enemy was passing through it Allah submerged them. In this way, Pharaoh and his people were drowned and killed.

Lesson from the life story of Hazrat Mosa (AS)

The story of Hazrat Musa teaches us numerous life lessons. It teaches us to see miracles. What would happen if Hazrat Mosa (AS) ignored the miracle of that burning bush? The life story of Hazrat Musa also teaches us another important lesson to make a personal connection with Allah Almighty. We must get ourselves closer to Allah by worshipping him. We can achieve anything, any impossible victory if we have true faith in Allah.